Inspiring Stories Part I

One of the most fascinating stories from The Guasti Family 's wine-maker go way back to the pioneer Secondo Guasti, who emigrated to California, EEUU in 1881. Within a decade, using cuttings of Barbera, he planted the world's largest vineyards. The result of his hard work is still visible in the town he founded, which bears his surname,_California

Guasti Colony in the County of S.Bernardino California EEUU. At the beginning of 1920 the Italian Vineyard Company had exceeded the extension in 4000 acres, reaching in the year of 1929 a total of 5000 acres, becoming at that time the largest vineyard in the world.

As result The community decided change its name from Zucker to Guasti after Secondo Guasti, founder of the Italian Vineyard Company, which operated in the area. The Guasti post office opened in 1910 and it's still running .

The Guasti Villa

The mansion was built between 1910-1914 by Secundo Guasti, an Italian who owned the world's largest winery of its time. Homesick, he wanted to create a grand Italian Villa. Patrons of the arts, he and his wife imported art and invited artisans from Europe to complete the 1990, the building was declared a Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Monument.

Secondo Guasti

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