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Guasti Clemente & Figli

We are proud to be Guasti.  Clemente Guasti founded the company in 1946, continuing our  family historic wine-making traditions. He was a real innovator in terms of production quality and as far back as the 1950's was already beginning to select grapes from the 20 best growers in the Nizza Monferrato area, thus initiating the concept of the estate-based "cru" for Barbera, a decidedly avant-garde idea for the area back then. In the present the company has four large estates of its own, with a total area of 40 hectares, of which 29 in the most favourable positions are given over to vineyards. In the centre of the town which is the recognised home of the highest quality Barberas, the spacious cellars contain large oak barrels for the ageing of up to 1200 hectolitres of wine. After the death of Clemente Guasti, his sons Andrea and Alessandro, who worked alongside him for many years, have followed his winning philosophy, never compromising on quality, and they continue to achieve important accolades nationally and internationally.

Our tradition as winemaker go way back to pioneer Secondo Guasti, who emigrated to California in 1881, taking cuttings of Barbera, which in the space of a decade he used to plant the world's largest vineyard. The results of his hard work are still visible in the town he founded, and which bears his name.

Climate and terrain are the most influentia