Grape Variety - 100% Pinot Bianco. ABV 12.5%


Place of production - Vineyards placed in the  municipality of Nizza Monferrato, Province of Asti, Italy.  


Visual - Brilliant and elegant greenish yellow colour. Along numerous, delicate and fine long-lasting bubbles pearlage. Nose - Elegant and intense wine, starting with floral notes of sweet blossom and yellow flowers. Followed by fruity aromas of ripe peach and pear.  


Taste - Dry “Brut”, bright and velvety with a sophisticated crispness and  persistent aromatics on the finish.


Vinification - Guasti Clemente e Figli was among the first in the area to use the Martinotti / Charmatt method of sparkling wine, a rare RAI documentary dated 1958 “Lo Spumante Italiano” testifies to this. 100% natural bubbles. Vegan friendly. Serving


Temperature: 6-8°C / 43-46°F


by Guasti Clemente e Figli srl